Items to be sold:

  • Any food related items may be sold. No beverages of any kind can be sold.


  • The City of Cottonwood will provide power to all rib vending participants.

Vendor Setup:

  • Each vendor is required to have four large tables in front of their booth; two tables are for samples, and two are for Regular menu items. Booths must be staffed to accommodate these requirements. Vendors are allowed to set-up on

Setup Time

  • Early set-up, Wednesday September 3, 2:00 – 6:00 pm.  Thursday by 6:00pm everyone MUST be set-up. THAT Event Company and the City of Cottonwood is not responsible for any lost or damaged property.

Health Department:

  • Minimal Food Booth and Mobile Food Unit Requirements (Yavapai Health Department)
  • Overhead protection, three side walls and flooring is required for food booths.  Doors for Mobile Food Booths must self-close
  • Screening of openings may also be required. Booths selling only commercially prepackaged foods may not need to meet the booth requirements.
  • Accurate long stem thermometer, which reads from 0F to 220F.
  • Chlorine bleach or other approved sanitizer (iodine or quaternary ammonium) must be used in the sanitizing solution for utensils & equipment AND sanitizing counters & tables.
  • Approved hand washing facilities with clean running water, soap, paper towels (separate from the dishwashing set-up), and a container to catch and hold wastewater.
  • All foods, ice for drinks, and water must come from approved sources. Ice scoop require handles.
  • Covered garbage or waste can.
  • Any off site food preparation (if applicable) must take place in a facility approved by the Health Services. This requires a completed and approved Commissary Agreement form.
  • All food must come from an approved source or commissary (kitchen facility) which must be under permit and have passed necessary health department inspections.
  • Sales of pre-packaged and properly labeled non-potentially hazardous foods (e.g. chips, candy, can soda, bottle water, etc…) will be allowed with minor restrictions on product storage.
  • Food service operations involving “complex” food preparation and cooking procedures will require a health permit and approval from Yavapai County Community Health Services

Some Teams That Have Registered